OKBet Update F1 British Grand Pix's Most Successful Drivers

The British Grand Prix, held at the legendary Silverstone circuit, is a fixture on the Formula One calendar.

The track was built in 1942, and the first British Grand Prix was held there in 1948. In 1950, it hosted the first Formula One World Championship race, which Giuseppe Farina won in his Alfa Romeo 158. Since 1987, it has served as the permanent home of the British Grand Prix.

Ferrari has the most British Grand Prix victories (16), while McLaren is the most successful British team (14).

Since then, there have been numerous British Grand Prix winners, some of whom have gone on to become motorsport legends. The track has changed over the years, but it is now 5.891km long with 18 turns. The race distance is 306.198km, and the official lap record is held by Max Verstappen (1:27.097).

This blog will highlight the most successful British Grand Prix drivers of all time.

Lewis Hamilton has eight victories

Lewis Hamilton is without a doubt a generational talent, and he could be the greatest Formula One driver in history. Hamilton’s playground is Silverstone, and the British driver holds the event in the highest regard. Hamilton has won eight races at the track, more than any other driver, and has won three consecutive Grand Prix there.

Hamilton is a seven-time world champion, having matched Michael Schumacher’s record with his victory in 2020 and narrowly missing out on exceeding it last season. He has five more British Grand Prix wins than the German and is aiming to become the most successful Formula One driver in history this season by becoming an eight-time champion. With Red Bull and Ferrari drivers dominating the championship, it’s a tougher ask now. A victory at this year’s British Grand Prix could be crucial in kicking off the British season.

His most memorable Grand Prix moment was his first victory in 2008, when his blistering start propelled him quickly through the ranks to first. He hasn’t looked back since.

Jim Clarke has 5 victories

Jim Clarke was a two-time Formula One world champion and a five-time winner of the British Grand Prix. He was a fan favorite despite being a shy champion who disliked the spotlight. Between 1962 and 1965, he won four consecutive British Grand Prix before winning his fifth in 1967.

Clarke was a true champion in his day and almost never made a mistake. Most of the time, he would lose due to reliability issues and could even drive around his car’s most complicated failures. Clarke, a Formula One legend, was responsible for five of Lotus’ eight British Grand Prix victories.

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Alain Prost has 5 victories

Alain Prost is a well-known racing driver who achieved great success. He was a four-time world champion and five-time British Grand Prix winner during his racing career. Prost also held the record for the most Grand Prix victories (51), which Michael Schumacher surpassed in 2001.

Between 1983 and 1993, Prost won four British Grand Prix and had memorable battles with both Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell.

Nigel Mansell has four victories

Nigel Mansell, the final name on our list and the third British driver of the four, is another racing legend. In 1992, he won his first and only World Championship and competed in 187 races. As a driver, he was extremely successful, winning 31 races and reaching the podium 59 times.

Mansell won the British Grand Prix four times, the first in 1986 and the last in the year he won the World Championship (1992). Mansell’s accomplishments behind the wheel were so significant that he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005.

During his Grand Prix career at Silverstone, Mansell had several iconic moments, including the infamous lift he gave Senna and his 1987 overtake of Nelson Piquet.

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