OKBet Cue Sports Update Pankaj Advani Wins Asian Snooker Championship

Pankaj Advani of India won the 35th Asian Snooker Championship on Friday, completing a career grand slam in cue sports.

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Advani won both the ACBS Asian Snooker 6-red (short format) and 15-red (long format) events, as well as the IBSF World Championships in both formats.

Pankaj had already won the 15-red Asian Snooker title in Billiards, but it was missing from his silverware collection.

Advani won the Asian and World championships in all formats, defeating Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon 6-3 in the final.

He is also the only person to have done so in two sports, billiards and snooker.

“I’ve done everything I could while representing my country in both sports to earn this title.” This victory completes my trophy collection, so I know I’ll be sleeping well for a long time.” Advani stated.

“Having won everything there is, I’d like to continue competing with the goal of gaining personal growth through sport and also sharing my knowledge with aspiring cueists.”

“I’m now going to enter every championship to enjoy my game while also focusing on other aspects of my life.”

Advani found himself with yet another deficit after a shaky start against Thanawat.

At 1-3, the Indian went on a five-frame winning streak to win the Asian 15-red snooker title.

Thanawat got off to a fast start, leading 2-0 in no time. Advani responded with a 54 break to make it 1-2, but the Thai was not about to give up another frame and continued his outstanding potting performance.

He made a 75 break and reached the halfway point with three frames in hand.

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Advani, who was suffering from a fever, worked one frame at a time. Thanawat had lost his momentum and confidence by the time he drew 3-3, only to see his 21-time world champion opponent race to the finish line.

Pankaj will now compete in the IBSF World Cup in Doha next week.


Pankaj Advani (India) defeated Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon 6-3 in the final.

10-52, 1-97(97), 95(54)-1, 110(75)-1, 69-43, 71(60)-44, 80-49, 72-42, 67(50)-1

Pankaj Advani (India) defeated Asjad Iqbal (Pakistan) 5-4 31-68, 1-54, 40-76, 1-96(81), 78-8, 89-33, 55-14, 89-24, 52-26 in the semi-finals.

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