okbet sportsbook operator partner with NFL

The countdown to the start of the next NFL season is underway as NFL training camps are in full swing and HBO’s “Hard Knocks” is airing.

On Tuesday, OKBET Online Betting Ontario Sportsbook announced a multi-year agreement to become the latest Ontario sportsbook to join the NFL in Canada as an Official Sportsbook Partner.

The NFL has been quite active in adding partners in Ontario; it has already added FanDuel Ontario and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. According to a spokeswoman, OLG and the NFL have a “exclusive” five-year arrangement.

Without knowing the specifics of each partnership agreement, the spokesman stated that “exclusivity” meant OLG could work with the NFL more on promotions, content, and contests across all Ontario sports betting.

One of the earliest licensed sports betting apps and online gaming platforms in Ontario was OKBET Online Betting Ontario. It happened in April.

The relationship significantly enriches the OKBET Online Betting experience, according to OKBET Online Betting CEO Adam Greenblatt, who said in a statement that the company has already noticed a lot of interest from its Ontario clients.

Details of the Agreement

According to a news release, OKBET Online Betting Ontario now has permission to utilize official NFL marks in Canada and to run advertisements across all NFL-run digital channels. Additionally, OKBET Online Betting Ontario may provide access to premium NFL experiences to Canadian customers.

Of course, that isn’t nothing. The NFL is a titan of the sports betting world; Americans and Canadians both like professional football. During the NFL season, bookmakers with licenses take bets worth an estimated $100 billion. More than 45.2 million Americans are expected to wager on the 2021 NFL season, according to the American Gaming Association.

In a completely open, legal market, we’re about to get a full flavor of how far Ontario bettors are about to dive in.

Popular in Ontario Among Bettors

The NFL is one of the most widely bet on sports in this province, but not the most, according to an OLG spokeswoman.

Sales for the “Big 4” sports, according to OLG, are as follows: NHL 29%, NBA 26%, NFL 23%, and MLB 21%. (OntarioBets is also your one-stop shop for all things NHL betting-related.)

Recall that the only place to legally bet on professional football during the previous NFL season was the OLG via PROLINE.

The agreement OKBET Online Betting Mobile has with the NFL in the United States is supplemented by today’s contract. The firm was granted permission by the NFL to advertise in-game television commercials in 2021 after becoming an approved sportsbook operator of the league.